Instantly turn your stroller into a scooter for you!

The Strooter attaches easily onto your big wheel urban stroller, instantly transforming it into a super–cool adult scooter. Why should kids have all the fun? You’ll never want to leave home without it!
Enjoy cruising together with your family
- Keep up with your kids on their scooters or bikes and keep them safe
- Save time - Get to where you’re going much faster!
- Expand your walkable distance - What seemed too far to walk, now feels close by
- Great workout - We’re not about to make any outrageous fitness claims, but don’t be   surprised if you notice your thighs feeling tight and firm
- Designed with safety in mind. Super stable and easy to steer as you cruise along.   It’s low to the ground so it’s easy to push and stay in control
- Super easy to steer as you cruise along
- Removes easily and hangs out of the way when you’re ready to go inside
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