Safety Guide

• To make sure you have a great time with your Strooter, always ride sensibly and stay safe. Adult use only. Please use the same precautions as you would when riding a bike, skateboard, scooter or using in-line skates.

• Make sure to read the Owner’s Manual inside the package before using.

• Before each ride, check and secure all fasteners and check wheels and brake for wear and tear. Replace worn or broken parts immediately.

• Always wear an ANSI, SNELL, CPSC, or ATSM approved helmet. Wear athletic shoes, lace-up shoes with rubber soles, and make sure to keep shoelaces out of the way of wheels. Do not ride barefoot or in sandals.

• Start slow to get the feel of your new ride in large flat areas. Hold onto the stroller handle at all times and learn how tight a turn you can comfortably make. Practice stopping with your foot or by applying the brake at various speeds in an open area.

• Keep your eyes on the road. As with in-line skates or a scooter, avoid water, bumps, sand, gravel and anything that could cause your Strooter to stop. Even a modest bump in the sidewalk can cause a fall; it’s better to ride around obstacles. Do not use on or near steps.

• Maximum recommended speed is 6 MPH (10 KPH, typical jogging speed). Do not use on steep hills. Use extreme caution on any decline and don’t ride too fast. It may be difficult to stop or maneuver quickly – you can lose control and fall. Always remember you can step off and walk at any time.

• Do not use in wet or icy weather. This impairs traction, braking, and visibility.

• Do not ride at night, dusk, or at times of limited visibility.

• Obey all local traffic and riding laws and regulations. Be courteous and watch out for pedestrians.
You’ll get increasingly more comfortable on your ride with a little practice. But, no matter how long you’ve been riding, you should always use caution. Never ride in traffic and watch your surroundings for pedestrians, bikers, runners, boarders and skaters. Always remember, ride sensibly and stay safe!